Elysium Protocol Layers

Primer Engine

Prime is a service that executes transactions by matching appropriate orders from the Order Book. Matchmaker is an algorithmic program that performs swaps while getting the difference between the bid and ask prices. It can decide on the commission they are aiming for, with diverse strategies dependent on a specific market.

ZK rollup Layer-2

Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) is a cryptographic technology that allows the truth of a piece of information to be verified without revealing the information itself. It’s become an increasingly important technology in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance (DeFi) for enhancing privacy and security.

Elysium Protocol Layers

Beating Challenges

Ever-changing trends in the blockchain space dictate a fast pace of project development.

Elysium is an easy way of integrating a DeFi project with a strong focus on the business model. Our team has prepared advanced infrastructure to lift the burden of technological research and to encourage projects to focus on innovative ways to utilize the trading potential.

DeFi projects are limited to liquidity locked only on their protocols.

Prime Liquidity is the answer to newborn markets struggling with initial liquidity. Various projects can use liquidity on the On-chain Order Book and therefore increase the number of project has access to. They are not limited to their market and benefit from other protocol’s contributors.

why Choose us

Why choose our bigtech Token

Low gas

Up to 1/100 of L1 gas & cheaper than using optimistic rollups.

High speeds

2000+ transactions per second (tps) compared to 14tps on L1.


Secured by the main Bsc blockchain .

Frictionless transfers

Effortlessly move your crypto between L1 and Layer 2 without delays.

Censorship resistance

You can move your assets back to L1 at any time.

  • 10% Stake
  • 10% Cex Listing 1
  • 10% Team
  • 7% Partner Influencers
  • 5% Incentive Programs
  • 5% Development Projec
  • 5% Advisor
  • 5% Marketing
  • 3% Airdrop
  • 40% LP and Presale

5,000,000 $ELYS

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Our Roadmap

Strategy and
Project Plan


Elysium Development

Design of the idea

Website & Whitepaper Development

Tokenomics Development

Fixed swap protocol

Working in SAFU smart contract

Marketing campaign



AUDIT, KYC, SAFU on Pinksale

Pinksale Fairlaunch - $ELYS

CMC and Coingeko Listing

Marketing Massive

PancakeSwap listing



Providing innovators and builders with tools to lower technological entry barriers to Web3.


Create Dapp Stake and Swap Beta

ElysiumDEX pools

Create Wallet Elysium Beta

Tier 1 CEX listing

Elysium Governannce

Expand Marketing



Facilitating Web3 education and driving DeFi adoption with mission-led approach.

Yield Dashboard


Whitepaper update

Upgrade for the benefit of investors

Crosschain Upgrade

Comming soon...

Our top partner
Building a DeFi ecosystem
with solutions for traders

Our Solutions

With its Elysium ecosystem, Elysium will serve as a vital hub that diminishes DeFi obstacles for all, be it a project or a trader. It is designed to minimize entry barriers for all market participants. We strive to be the driver for cross-chain innovation.

Let us help the DeFi world with solutions that benefit from:

User Experience-focused

Shared liquidity

Fast transactions

DEV-friendly API

Elysium Wallet


ElysiumDEX is an order book DEX that brings a CEX-similar experience to the decentralized world. Advanced order types, such as limit or stop loss orders, create more flexible trading with greater risk control.

Elysium Wallet

Elysium Wallet is an native wallet for the BSC ecosystem. It incorporates all the functionalities both for novices and advanced BSC enthusiasts, all within a hand's reach. All that with minimalistic design and intuitive interface.

Elysium Protocol

Elysium Protocol is a set of Blockchian-focused DApps and tools. It is a DeFi scalability solution that aims to empower innovation by lifting technological barriers and bridging liquidity source to other projects