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Elysium Market is one of the leading darknet markets in 2024, providing a secure and user-friendly platform for buying and selling a variety of products. This article will delve into its features, recent updates, pros and cons, and a detailed table of characteristics to give you a clear understanding of what Elysium offers.

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Recent Updates

June 2024

  • June 06: Fixed a bug in the favorite section, banned TheMoon vendor for off-market communication.
  • June 04: Updated harm reduction section with Amphetamine, revised vendor FAQs, and updated the canary.
  • June 01: Banned Nitazenes from the market, added information on Nitazenes to the harm reduction section, and updated the canary early.

May 2024

  • May 30: Enhanced harm reduction section, added clean test green checkmark for vendors providing Fentanyl-free test results, and issued buyer warnings for off-market deals.
  • May 29: Improved listing validation, fixed a captcha-related bug, and updated the canary.

April 2024

  • April 09: Updated market rules prohibiting the rental or loaning of vendor accounts.
  • April 08: Introduced bulk listings for level 3 vendors and above.
  • April 05: Updated the buyer’s guide with a bulk buying guide.

March 2024

  • March 25: Revised market rules.
  • March 19: Improved pagination on listings.
  • March 07: Updated automatic withdrawal wiki page, captcha, and the canary.

February 2024

  • Feb 25: Added Legacy Feedback to vendor profiles, updated buyerguide section, and canary.
  • Feb 10: Moved XMR wallet address to its own section, updated automatic withdrawal information, and canary.
  • Feb 08: Enhanced buyer and vendor side validation.
  • Feb 05: Made captcha easier to solve and added extra validation to vendor settings.

January 2024

  • Jan 31: Revised feedback notification system, added new substances to the harm reduction section, and updated the canary.
  • Jan 29: Updated PGP verification system, banned Happyseller1 vendor, and revised market rules.
  • Jan 28: Prohibited organ listings, added validation checks, and updated canary.
  • Jan 18: Updated harm reduction section with new substances.
  • Jan 07: Improved captcha system.
  • Jan 02: Updated harm reduction section, market PGP key, and canary.
  • Jan 01: Enabled XMR for all listings.

December 2023

  • Dec 31: Outlined plans for 2024, emphasizing user safety and mandatory XMR acceptance for all listings.

Market Features

General Features

  • Bitcoin and Monero Accepted: Both BTC (Segwit) and XMR are supported for transactions.
  • Multisig Transactions: 2/3 Multisig option available, if accepted by the vendor.
  • Harm Reduction Section: Information on safe drug use.
  • Automatic Purge: Orders and old messages are automatically purged after 30 days.
  • Banned Vendor List: Users can view banned vendors and reasons for their bans.
  • Automatic Crypto Withdrawal: Optional feature for automatic withdrawals after 30 days if balance exceeds $15.
  • Favorites and Feedback: Users can favorite items and leave feedback for vendors.
  • Mnemonic Recovery: A mnemonic is used to recover lost pins.
  • Anti Crypto Abuse System: Ensures only legitimate funds are withdrawn.

Pros and Cons


  1. User Security: Enhanced security features like PGP verification, multisig transactions, and anti crypto abuse systems.
  2. Privacy: Acceptance of Monero (XMR) for increased privacy in transactions.
  3. User-Friendly: Regular updates and improvements to user experience.
  4. Harm Reduction: Comprehensive harm reduction section for user safety.
  5. Vendor Transparency: Clean test green checkmarks for Fentanyl-free products and visible feedback.


  1. Frequent Updates: Regular updates may require users to stay constantly informed.
  2. Strict Rules: Violation of rules leads to instant account termination.
  3. Automatic Purge: Automatic deletion of orders and messages might inconvenience some users.

Table of Characteristics

Feature Description
Accepted Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (Segwit), Monero
Multisig Transactions 2/3 Multisig available
Market URL ifyal75d37qg6mfcmvb4ns2gd56oapi2kxniloxvkckoxjzdr5m36gqd.onion
Order Purge Orders automatically deleted after 30 days
Message Purge Old messages automatically deleted after 30 days
Banned Vendor List Viewable list of banned vendors
Automatic Crypto Withdrawal Optional for balances over $15 with XMR/BTC refund address
Favorites Ability to add items to favorites
Account Deletion Self-service account deletion with pin
Help Section Available on every page
Mnemonic Recovery Used to recover lost pins
Vendor Feedback Ability to leave feedback for vendors
Anti Crypto Abuse System Cross-checks deposits, orders, and sales history
User Funds Storage No storage of user funds on the market
Recent Security Enhancements Improved captcha, PGP verification, and validation checks


Elysium continues to innovate and prioritize user safety, privacy, and ease of use. With its robust feature set and constant updates, it remains a prominent player in the darknet market scene. However, users must stay informed about frequent changes and adhere strictly to market rules to avoid account termination. Always check legit Elysium address ifyal75d37qg6mfcmvb4ns2gd56oapi2kxniloxvkckoxjzdr5m36gqd.onion at elysiumdex.com!

Happy shopping!